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Blue Line Caricature &
Chris Galvin

Blue Line Caricature has been in the Party Caricature & Specialty Gift Caricature business since 1989. We use the art of caricature to create cartoon illustrations and we put our own enthusiastic personality into our quick sketches at your events & parties.

We draw Cartoon Heads at your Open Houses, Company & Holiday Parties. We provide Creative Idea’s to promote your business with caricature solutions for your Business Cards, Avatars, & your website to help your business grow.

Over the years we have worked for such clients as The Dallas Mavericks, The Dallas Morning News, Guinness Bass Import Co., Absolut Vodka, Mary Kay, Inc, Arlington Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, DFW Airport, Moroch Advertising, Frisco Roughriders, The Dallas Stars, Pizza Hut, Rahr & Son’s Brewery, Pulte Homes, The Dallas Cowboys,The Dallas Police Dept., many local high schools, and universities, and numerous parties from mitzvahs, birthdays, trade shows, church functions, dog shows, & fundraisers. We work mostly in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, but will travel for an additional costs.

You’ve heard people say if only I could work at something I truly love to do, then my life would be so much happier. Well, Chris Galvin is one of those rare people who can honestly say he has found a way to make a living doing that one something he completely enjoys! He gets to draw cartoon pictures every day. Growing up as a kid he learned early about drawing from his father, an architect and also an avid cartoonist in his spare time.

Chris got some basic art supplies and paper to draw on for a birthday gift while in grade school from his folks, and he would spend countless hours studying cartoons his father had created of Chris’s mother, of her doing all sorts of activities while they were dating in college and while he was serving in the Korean Conflict. His mother kept every cartoon his father made for her, and she put them all together into a large scrapbook. Chris could see the jobs his mom had worked through school, writing for a newspaper, and see some of her college life like getting dressed up to go to a school dance or following her beau’s interest in intercollegiate sports.

Chris would eventually see his childhood interest in drawing mature into a career in caricature. There are many caricature artists out there that you can choose from to draw at your company events, picnics, & wedding receptions. But, we are NOT all the same in quality and enthusiasm for the artwork & event entertainment a caricature artist brings to your events.

Chris really likes to draw at the highest quality and put smiles on your guests, family, clients, and employee’s faces. He brings his easy going personality & skilled artistic line work to each and every event. And he shares his happy energy with everyone he comes in contact with at your Office Meetings, Special Events, & Proms.

Chris loves drawing caricatures of people of all ages. He even enjoys drawing dogs & horses live, and has worked many Special Occasions involving pet owners and their animals.

Businesses and individual clients tell us that employees & clients respond positively to the caricatures that they display in common work areas in their offices & on their company walls. Everyone finds the likenesses of their family, friends, & colleagues is of an exceptional quality.

We hope we can work with you today or in the future providing a solution and a connection for your next event or by creating a custom piece of artwork for a retirement, staff recognition, wedding save the date, or a kids coach gift caricature.

The creative specialty gift idea’s are many & the years of enjoying your finished original piece of art are timeless.

Thank You for your consideration!
Blue Line Caricature owner, Chris Galvin

More on the name Blue Line....

The name “Blue Line” Caricature came by two different things in my life. In the early 1990’s in my years getting started in the retail caricature business, a colleague of mine who I had met when we both drew live graphite & airbrush caricatures at Six Flags Over Georgia and at the Undergound Atlanta shopping mall, showed me a drawing pencil he was using in his sketchbook. I had seen this non-photo blue pencil while working in printing shops and as a graphic designer for the student activities center while going to college.

We used this pencil in the early “sketching” step of our drawing process to work out the thinking part we artists do on paper before going to the finish on a caricature from a photo job, or a cartoon illustration.

The second item, grew out of my lifelong fascination with trains. “Blue Line” sounds like it could be a railroad line somewhere. So, NO, I don’t do blueline reproductions or anything to do with architectural photocopying...

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