Event and Party Solutions
Creative Gift Connections

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For this Creative Idea caricatures are drawn from your photos and the original artwork could be displayed in a common area at your work location or given to workers at special banquets as a special way to say Thank You for a job well done.

Do you want your business card to stand out or show your customers your creative side, then have a caricature drawn of yourself to put onto your business card. This cartoon solution comes with a copyright license agreement between you & Blue Line Caricature that gives you permission to use a caricature of yourself for commercial use.

A caricature that highlights your work location and job with the years on the job prominently displayed in the drawing and company logo is a nice gift for the retirement office party or a special event to commemorate a co-worker or long time team member. A theme of what they will be doing with their time in the future is also a popular choice for this Gift Caricature Idea.

Pick some characteristics that best describe your birthday subjects and email a couple of photo’s of the subject. Include in your description either a general theme or be specific. For example: Billy likes cars is more general, than Billy likes ’66 Ford Mustang sports cars.

Celebrity Caricatures

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Caricatures That Entertain

  • Live Parties
  • Wedding Receptions
  • Birthday Parties
  • Retirement Parties
  • School Events, Proms, Graduation, Lock-Ins
  • Church Events
  • Festivals
  • Barmitz...


Caricatures Go To Work

  • Corporate Parties
  • Grand Openings
  • Product Launches (Ask About Our Pre-printed Paper with your corporate Logo)
  • Employee Recognition
  • Trade Shows
  • Expos / Conferences

Caricatures Go To School

  • Proms
  • Graduation
  • Lock-Ins
  • Caricature Classes

Caricatures of Your Pets

  • Pet Portraits