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Event Solutions

Chris Galvin and his select team of artists provide party & event caricature entertainment services for all your special occasions. You can choose from several different types of caricature entertainment created by Blue Line Caricature to provide solutions to your events . Click on the Events/Parties Gallery to see more examples of each type.

Classic Black & White Party Caricatures

By far this is the most popular type of caricature I do on a regular basis. I use black markers for the drawing of the face, and a grey marker for shading to create depth. This process allows me to draw each face in about 4-5 minutes. This calculates to 12-15 faces per hour. Adding a body situation or theme will add another 2-3 minutes to each drawing allowing for 8-10 faces with themes per hour.

Color Caricatures

This type of party solution takes a little longer to do, but adds excitement and a "WOW" reaction with everyone. This technique uses the black markers for the line work, and prisma stix for the color application. I can draw 6-8 color faces per hour, or 5-6 color faces with themes per hour. This is an ideal option for smaller parties of 8-12 guests.

Black & White with a Splash of Color Caricatures

Another event solution allows for a small application of color without the full-color finish of the Color Caricature type. With this technique, each cartoon drawing is done with black markers and then highlighted with splash of color accenting clothing, their name, and a hint of a background color. This solution takes an additional 1-2 minutes per drawing added onto the Classic Black & White Caricatures solution.

Pre-Printed Paper

This is a nice upgrade for businesses wanting their clients or trade show visitors to remember where & who provided their caricature keepsake for them. Depending on type of event and your budget, there are a couple of attractive solutions. Past Clients have told us that printing their Logo’s onto the paper the artist will use to draw caricatures of their customers and potential new customers, is of great value for those that choose to display their special gift in their offices and businesses. This add-on option comes with B & W OR Color Logo's, OR a combination.

At trade shows & conventions past clients have included the title heading & or logo of the show on the top of the paper to commemorate the location for that year. This pre-printed option has been used in the past by some schools hosting After-Graduation Events & After-Prom Parties.

There are additional fees involved for this upgrade to your party/or event. In order to get higher volumes of folks thru their company’s booth’s at trade shows, past clients have also had the body situation or theming pre-drawn in addition to using logo’s and title headings. Having the body already drawn out, the artist simply draws just the heads onto the paper. This allows up to 20 heads per hour, per artist to be drawn.

See some examples of pre-printed paper used by client’s over the years to promote their businesses and provide event solutions for different types of parties.

Get a FREE Full Color Caricature from your photo with a Two Hour or longer Booking!

This is added value to Blue Line Caricature’s Customers. Just send in your photo’s along with your deposit for your event of two or more hours and receive a detailed color caricature for a special client, family member, birthday celebrator, Wedding couple, etc. I will bring the finished color caricature with me when I come out to your party. Many times at bigger events there is so much going on, that the person or couple that the party is being thrown for, is too busy to come over and get their caricature drawn. Either way, they can have another cartoon to remember the party. As long as I have about a weeks notice ahead of time, I can get your caricature done and bring it along with me to your party. For last minute bookings we may have to mail the Free caricature to you after the event is over. *NOTE: Due to busy party/freelance work it may take up to 2-3 weeks to receive your Free Caricature after the event concludes.

Drawing Protectors & Frames Available Upon Requests.

Chris enjoys what he does and it shows at the event’s he works. I enjoy people and visiting with them to find out something about themselves that I can incorporate into their cartoon drawing. I am always pushing myself to create strong recognizable faces with a good balance of line work and composition.

What do you need to hire me for a party? Just contact me with your party information with the Who, What, Where, When, & How many guests you are expecting by calling me at 817-657-9938. Or by emailing me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Upon hearing from you, I will provide a accurate quote and availability. It is a good idea to book as far ahead as you know of your event date. I do require a deposit and signed contract to secure my services. I can hold a date for you

My studio office hours are: 9 am - 9 pm Monday thru Saturday.

We draw caricatures by the hour, not by the sketch, So, the drawings are free to your party’s guests. I can draw all ages, just heads, or heads with themes, and even pets. I can do up to 6-7 faces on a single sheet of paper. The size of the paper is typically 12” x 16” or 11” x 17” if the paper is pre-printed with a logo or a pre-drawn body.

Pre-Printed Paper is a nice upgrade for businesses wanting their clients or trade show visitors to remember where & who provided their caricature keepsake for them. See examples of Pre-Printed Paper in the Events/Parties Gallery.

How long does it take to have a caricature face drawn? Typically for Classic black & white artwork it takes 3-5 minutes per face and 6-7 minutes for b & w cartoon heads with a theme. Color takes another 1-3 minutes. I recommend doing b & w for most jobs, and color for smaller birthday, staff, or office parties. A Splash of Color can be added to had to each b & w drawing as an alternative to straight black & white, without taking too much extra time.

If your event will have a lot of guests like for a trade show, company picnic, or a Wedding Reception you might want to consider hiring more than one artist for your event. Multiple artists can draw more subjects at once. And it keeps the lines that usually form around the artists moving quickly. I can book up to ten caricaturist’s for a single event, from my colleagues throughout the DFW area, all of whom have several years of experience doing live caricatures.

Having previously worked as the Lead artist at retail caricature concessions from Six Flags, to Grapevine Mills Mall, and the State Fair of Texas over the past 20+ years, I have personally taught over 130 area artists the art of caricature. I currently work on a regular basis with the cream of the crop of those caricaturists at events and parties.

Whether you need one artist or someone who can put together multiple artists for an event, you’ll find that Chris and the artists he puts together for his customers truly go above and beyond to provide the Best Caricature Experience in Texas & anywhere we do business.

Chris and artists will show up at your event well before it begins, to set-up and check in with the host or hostess. They will come to the event dressed in the appropriate attire to the event, whether it is formal, business casual, western, holiday, or whatever theme your party may be. The artist carries everything needed to draw at your party: paper, markers, color stix, extension cords, portable easel lamp, and chairs if necessary. Each caricature comes in a flat plastic bag to protect and easily carry their drawing. Frames and drawing protectors are available for an additional charge.

Celebrity Caricatures

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Each Artist you hire can draw 12-15 Heads and Hour

8-10 Black and White Full Bodies with a theme element selected by your guest.

FREE Color Caricature with 2 Hour Booking.

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